About Us

Having seen a lack in the market for natural, comfortable & chic home textile,The Cotton Basket was setup with the idea to provide exactly that- luxury at its simplest. We use fabric at its best- in its most natural form, with little additives and all natural dyes. The Cotton Basket employs traditional printing, dying and weaving techniques, away from the synthetic materials and mass production methods employed in today's world, and reinterprets them in ways that respect the integrity of the original textiles and makes them relevant to the way we live today. From quilts and bed covers to luxury bed sheets and duvet covers, everything is made to measure, taking into account the best of age-old manufacturing traditions and making them relevant to the way we live today. Our team travels far and wide to procure products, and puts in hours and weeks with workers to design and fabricate from thread to final product to bring together a premiere range of home products.